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No sport is without its own tragedies and everyone who comes to this world has to die. In fact, thousands of people die every day and funeral directors are prepared for this fact. However, sportspeople seem to have a very high tragedy rate. It can be due to their very high profile jobs but in the last few years, several popular and famous baseball players have tragically passed away due to simple, complicated or downright horrifically funny reasons.

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Nick Adenhart

This popular baseball player was just 22-years-old when a drunk driver killed him in an automobile accident just after showcasing his talent in a Major League Game.

Gregory Anthony "Greg" Halman

This professional baseball player used to play with the Seattle Mariners in the Major League Baseball from 2010 t0 2011. The player was stabled to death in Rotterdam and his brother was arrested for the crime. However, the brother was released as he was proved to be suffering from a psychosis at the time of the crime.

Cory Fulton Lidle

This player was a professional baseball player in the Major League Baseball. However, the player's career was destroyed when his plane crashed into an apartment building on York Avenue. The crash was attributed to bad weather and inexperienced pilots.

Darryl Kile

The player was already on the Cardinals team when he failed to show up for a practice session. Team members who visited the player's room came across Kile dead on his hotel bed. The player apparently had more than 90% blockages in the arteries that may have caused a heart attack leading to death.

Geremis Segundo González Acosta

The player played for the Chicago Cubs but was later traded to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The player died when he was struck by lightning in Punta Palma. The player died on the spot.

Joseph Darley Kennedy

The player was an major player in American Baseball but he died on 23rd November, 2007. The player was at a wedding where he was the best man. He awoke in the middle of the night complaining of breathlessness. He was then taken to the local hospital where he died due to hypertensive heart disease.

Steven Scott Bechler

The player died of a heatstroke at the beginning of the spring training schedule. A medical professional autopsied the player and it was noted that the player had abnormal health due to an enlarged liver and high blood pressure. The player was also taking illegal ephedra supplements that indirectly contributed to his death.

Dernell Renauld Stenson

This Cincinnati Reds player died during an accident that was initially believed to be a carjacking. The player was shot in the head and chest and then run over. Four men were arrested for the crime.

It's a tragedy when someone dies but death is the endpoint of life. A tragedy happens when popular and talented sports people die early due to sheer carelessness or overindulgence. When this happens, it is not only a loss to the sports persons family but along for the entire world and the sports world as well.